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February 09, 2009


Very good advice to heed on the gun safety rules, George.

But I still contend that if we simply banned handguns - but not all firearms - we'd go a very long ways toward ending lots of tragic accidents and senseless violence. Reserve handguns for military, law enforcement, and other civil officers. They have no place in the common citizens' hands.

Rob O., when humans migrate to and populate other planets then the weapons restrictions you propose might have a chance of success, at least until entry is as easy as entry into the U.S. is currently.

But it would be impossible here on earth. It's trite but true: Ban handguns and law abiding people will relinquish them, criminals won't.

Cars and alcohol kill more people than guns. Interesting that alcohol was involved here too. Alcohol ruins lives, takes live, harms fetuses...why is it legal?

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