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February 15, 2009


George, good post on a good topic.

For myself, I cannot give the baseball league or the union a bye on this one. While the organizations - officially and on the surface - had nothing to gain from the disclosure, there may be individuals within each organzation who saw a chance to gain some personal satisfaction from said disclosure. Their motive? I have no idea ... but there are all kinds out there, from the upright noble to the downright nasty.

I have not read the WSJ article ... does it mention the staff of the lab that conducted the tests?

WHEREVER the leak originated, if an individual is found to have violated the organization's stance on the testing procedures, I hope said organization would take appropriate measures to discipline said individual.

Also, I would add one more suggestion to those you offered Mr. Rodriguez. Sir, with the natural strengths and talents you bring to the game, don't bother with performance-enhancing drugs to begin with. Knowing the fish bowl in which celebrities of all kinds are forced to live, err on the side of caution, and avoid something that may-be-may-not-be-at-this-time-or-at-a-later-time illegal, or even questionable.

Good point, Jeff. For all we know the information may have gone to the highest bidder.

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