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March 07, 2009


--Personally I like a "Bush" reset button... no Iraq War (where are those WMD again?), The National Debt would 1/2 of what it is now, The budget would have a surplus, The economy would be in a lot better shape and the 5000 point Dow drop in 8000 would have not happened (pre-Obama).

--I would be much better off.

Make that 2008... 8000 is a few years away.

Warren, you and I can see the problem with a huge growing national debt. Yet our president seem oblivious to it.

I would like to think there's a 'Help Wanted' sign hanging on the door of the Translators' Office at the U.S. State Department. The idea was good, but the application was faulty - and we end up with an embarrassed head-of-state.

Good point Jeff.

Add the DVD movie gift to the Brits and we've got two black eyes in a matter of days.

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