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March 15, 2009


Why anyone owns a Glock is beyond me. Too many cops have been killed or injured in accidental discharges with this overpriced synthetic monster. Go buy a Sig and get your money's worth!

Mike, the irony is that Sgt. Seago had a Sig which was replaced with the Glock.

9mmpros:-large mag capacity (XDm has 19+1)-enough power to stop sonmoee-some say lower recoil. depends on your load.-about 3-6 bucks cheaper for ammocons:-may over penetrate-takes about 2-3 shots for you to effectively take a person down. ive heard of police officers shooting a person right above the groin and they still fight back.my take on the 9mm, dont trust it. to week of a round in my book.40 s wpros:-great stopping power (speed of a 9, knock down of a 45)-have a good amount of ammo capacity. (XDm-40 has 16+1)-not to bad for recoil. (a little ligher than your 1911 with 135 grain or 155 grain ammo)-more than likely will only have to use one round to take a person down.cons:-a little more spendy for ammo-some say it has to much snap to the recoil-has lower mag capacity for rounds. (if you dont get them with 16 rounds of 40, your not going to get them with 19 rounds of 9mm)my take on the 40, great round. will stop anyone in there tracks.i do not like Glocks. they dont have a good feel to it and i dont like the trigger. the FNP ive heard to be a great pistol, never shot it though. i love the Springfield XD. i have the XD-40 with 12+1 and it has never failed me. never jammed, broke, nothing after 4,000 plus rounds. it takes hollow point perfect, even though i do not use hollow point, but have shot about 5 boxes though my XD. hollow point was my choice untill i found out about Federal's Exspanding Full Metal Jacket. it will not clog like the hollow point can, due to sonmoee wearing a heavy coat.all in all a 9mm or 40 s w will be a good choice. though i would trust my life on a 40 s w more then the 9mm. for a carry pistol look at Kahr 9mm or 40 s w. there pretty darn thin. great feel too. if not Kahr; Glock, Springfield, Sig Sauer. Just look at a few pisols and if your stuck on the Glock and FNP than those will be a good gun, beacuse they fit you. safe shooting.note:9mm use 115 grain Hornady Critical Defence40 s w use 135 grain Federal Exspanding Full Metal Jacket

The diamondback DB380 is awmseoe! It's like a mini glock! I saw a youtube video of a DB380 review; the guy fired the DB380 underwater then threw the gun into sand and managed to empty his clip with no malfunctions. He gave the DB380 5 stars! And now I want one .I own the keltec p3at and lcp, and in all the years I've carried I never had to draw it out on anyone. So I don't feel like I need 15 rounds of 9mm and 3 extra mags to carry. Having the little pistol in the backpocket when I take the dog out for a walk is just fine. Plus if you need more than 6 rounds, it's going to turn out to be a very bad day'. Just my 2 cents.

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