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April 13, 2009


Geroge, first and foremost, a major 'attaboy' to those snipers. At best, a destroyer offers a difficult shooting platform ... they don't call them 'tin cans' for nothing.

Second, an 'attaboy' for President Obama, as well ... without qualifications on my part. He faced a difficult decision, and he has the sense to listen to military people in military matters. You note his lack of military background ... but the same could be said for many of his predecessors. If I recall correctly, we have not had a president with military service under fire since Kennedy, or under dangerous circumstances of any kind since Ford. If I recall incorrectly, let me know.

Jeff, what I said was that nothing in Mr. Obama's background or experience has equipped him to make military decisions. If at any point in his career prior to being elected he had to make any decisions tougher than "paper or plastic" then please enlighten us. (A decision to vote "present" doesn't count.)

BTW, did you take the Obama pledge?

A key to good decision making is knowing when a decision is out of your expertise. I'm glad O recognized that and left it to the military. I can just see Jimmy Carter micro managing this deal . . needless to say it would drag on for years.

Excellent point, Redman.

Jeff asked whether any president since Gerald Ford had faced danger in the U.S. military. The answer is yes. By the way, as a U.S. Navy Division Officer, Gerald Ford heroically fought a major fire on his aircraft carrier and helped save his ship. Later presidents:

Jimmy Carter - U.S. Navy submarine officer. Annapolis graduate. No combat experience that I am aware of, but be advised that anytime you go to dive stations on a submarine, you are taking a risk.

Ronald Reagan - U.S. Army stateside, WWII to my knowledge.

George Bush (Senior). Was the youngest pilot in the U.S. Navy when he earned his wings. Flew large Grumman torpedo bombers off U.S. carriers in the Pacific. Risky business, heavy combat. Was shot down by Japanese fire and was unable to save his two crewmen. Rescued by an American sub. Still skydiving at an advanced age. Hero.

Bill Clinton - military experience - none. (Stated that he "loathed" the military, to use his words.)

George Bush (Junior) - Texas Air National Guard. No combat experience because his Air Guard unit was not deployed to the Far East. Flew the F-102, a single-seat all weather supersonic interceptor, not an easy plane to fly.

Honorable Mention - John McCain. Naval Aviator. Commissioned at Annapolis. Shot down at low altitude by North Vietnamese gunners while boring in on his target in 1968. Tortured 5 1/2 years for his country. Hero.

Barak Obama - military experience - none.

Free advice to America: Next time, elect a veteran.

Thanks for educating us about that, Duke.

There will likely be a lot more combat veterans available to run for office soon.

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