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April 08, 2009


Who cares what you and others like you believe. You did'nt have anything to say when George Bush was busy, running this country into the ground. Now all you want to do is talk about someone who is trying to make things better. We won the elections out right. The only ones speaking out are the rich ,racist and the ones who don't know what they are talking about.

Yawn ... If you don't agree with my "fill in the blank polictical view" you are a "fill in the blank name".
The issue has nothing to do with race, how wealthy you are and your command of the facts, the issue is TAXES! We are being told that we are going to be taxed to the hilt, not only us, but our children and grandchildren. GENERATIONS will be paying for the current admins suggested fix. This budget will spend more than ALL presidents have spent since the beginning of our republic, thats what people are protesting about.
The solution is very simple to instantly "stimulate" the economy, cut taxes completely, 0% for say 1 year, this will allow the U.S. consumer (the smartest in the world) to instantly put money into the economy. The government never spends money efficiently and its going to take YEARS for them to even start. Cut taxes today and all incomes instantly have more money in their pocket. The politicians won't go for this because it takes power out of their hands.
I feel that its fantastic that you can leave your home, go to the streets and protest whatever your issue is, that is your right. Its fantastic that you can go online and write what you want, right or wrong, this is your right. Thank GOD for The United States of America (we have freedom to believe what we want also).

Jerry, you are obviously very defensive about this, maybe a little too defensive. Someone with genuine confidence in that "someone" of whom you speak wouldn't be troubled by this at all.

J.P., excellent points.

I will be the first to say I wasn't a very happy camper when it came to Repubs and Mr. Bush in regards to their spending habits. It was difficult to tell the difference from the two parties.

It is my hope that people will make a connection at these Tea Parties to organzie, gain strength and push the momentum further along. It is part of the politcal process that is our national heritage, andfor the most part has been ignored by many hard working, tax paying Americans.

It is time to send a message to ALL POLS that excessive and pork barrel spending will not be tolerated.

Everyone have a great time at your TEA Party.

Sorry Jerry,

This has nothing to do with the rich ,racist and the ones who don't know what they are talking about...and the election wasn't won "out right". There was corruption in the beginning starting with ACORN and the corruption continues with this spending bill. You should be angry that he hasn't keep his promise of cutting the deficit, creating jobs, and tax cuts for 95%. Only 3 months in and he has forgot the promises he made.

all you bush republicans that ruined our countrys economy by spending all our money are anti-american, you want to stand by and watch our country go down the drain,by not helping americans.
all you anti american republican should be sent off to guantanamo to be interrogated with water boarding, lets find out who is supporting your extremist anti american views.

how sad that the most anti americans are americans themselves, this people don`t want to help out americans in this country, but they will support helping foreign countrys.
contrys like japan, israel, germany and many others have been receiving government aide (welfare) for over 50 years and this countrys are just as wealthy and more educated than the u.s.a., this countrys are used to receiving the u.s.a. welfare money, its time to cut them off, they have to learn to live with in there means.
lets stop sending our money out of the country, lets spend the money in this country.

-- John in Nacogdoches, you are right, there's a problem in both parties. Term limits might not be the cure-all, but it's certainly worth a try.

-- Proud American, I beginning to sense a little insecurity in those who support the current administration, don't you?

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