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April 22, 2009


As a regional/national level volunteer staff member for a non-profit that specilizes in college campus based community service, I've been following this issue for years. Since Bush the Elder pushed "a thousand points of light," and Bush the Younger enacted support for faith based charities, I have felt an undercurrent from the liberal "Community Organizer" crowd to co-opt existing non-profit and volunteer networks, under the guise of helping. Though I feel the ultimate goal is to supplant the leadership and founding principles of these organizations to control them and make them mesh with their modern values.

As you have noted, and as some are starting to discover, when you have the government fund initiatives it only follows that some non-profits and organizations become more equal than others. Now take these "more equal" charities and give them the ability to pay volunteers with monies siphoned from donations that aren't being made to "less equal" non-profits because of tax disincentives and you have a problem.

Basically, they are taking an individually guided, principles based charity and service framework, rooted in social duty, moral calling, and self sacrifice and supplanted it with centralized control which guides people by manipulating feelings, ego and guilt which has the values of transfer of wealth, equal outcomes, and social engineering as their primary goals.

Also, nevermind that this co-opting of service as individual's choice to a Government mandate seems to have stalled in the last couple of years. There is a report linked through Drudge today that says teen volunteer rates have been DECLINING though the number of programs to coerce or mandate service as a part of a general High School diploma have been INCREASING.

No wonder they need more bribe money.

OK, now I'm REALLY depressed.

Thanks for the input, Ospurt.

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