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April 15, 2009


its funny how almost everyone at this "tea party" is white. socialism is NOT a bad thing. i do not agree with all of the spending going on either but i do believe in universal healthcare for all citizens. not everyone is lucky enought to be born to good parents who will take care of their medical needs. how is this a childs fault? and why should they suffer for this?

WOW tb I'm guessing your ivory, blue, or green because you pointed out that "its funny how almost everyone at this "tea party" is white." I think that's pretty funny too... I'm green and all I look at is people's skin color so that I can make a judgment. Thanks for your observation. Who needs the Government to force socialism; tb you can start today! Just give halve of all the money you earn to someone who is unemployed or begging on the street that way you can be equal! Doesn't that sound AWESOME!! GO SOCAILISM

i know plenty of people who could use free healthcare that aren't "unemployed or begging on the street". and since you bring up the unemployed, what about workers that have been laid off and lost their healthcare through no fault of their own? don't they and their children deserve to see a doctor if they need to? it's easy to complain about hand outs when you are in a place of privilege. i would be more than happy to pay increased taxes so that the less fortunate can have basic necessities. it's called social responsibility. look it up.

also i think you meant half not halve. halve is a verb

Thanks for the pictures, George. Looks like it was a good turnout.

Thanks, Les. Sorry you weren't there.

There were not just "white people" there..white, hispanic/mexican, and black came as well!

tb , you don't understand, they don't earn any money, they want your money.

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