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May 23, 2009


The compensation and benefits package at Jessica's Well is very easy to explain: none and none. We even have to provide our own Paper Sacks.


Here's a nice primer on how to dissolve a 4A/4B corporation. Given only 7 EDC have ever been dissolved in Texas, I'm not holding out much hope unless the Council decides they want to dissolve the 4A/4B's and transfer the taxes to fund property tax reductions. Though, that doesn't eliminate the amount of tax we pay, just shuffles the pot.

Seven sounds like a lot to me, Ospurt. But maybe it's a half full, half empty glass. There are probably folks out there who would like to end it, but there are obviously plenty of others who only want a say in how the pie is sliced.

Thanks for clearing that up about the JW wage/benefit package. I was joking, but one never knows how those things are perceived. Apologies for any avalanche of resumes that may have resulted. (And please return mine.)

BTW, since the gauntlet has been passed to you folks at JW, you're the new msm.

Don't know if this matters but the only job offer I have received recently is to blog with Live Midland (unpaid unfortunately. I have to talk with my agent about that). I will start sometime in June.
Actually, Site Admin and I had a deal done, but then they promptly traded me to the Chamber (Live Midland)for a promise the MDC won't bring any more call centers to Midland and a couple Bush Country t-shirts. So I kind of reached player to be named status there.
Commenting for the people at the Well? I can only dream.

Thanks for the commentary, George.

Ha Ha! Pretty good, Stewart.

If we get the hyperinflation some predict then those Bush Country t-shirts may be collectibles, so they placed a high future value on you. Thanks for that clarification as well as the inspiration.

You'll be a great addition to livemidlandtexas.com, and the rest of us won't have to give our birthdays to the Hearst Corporation in order to leave our high quality comments.

Hey, they didn't ask me to blog at Live Midland. What the? Teacher's pet.

Jimmy, you would be a great addition to Live Midland -- they are missing a good opportunity. Maybe you accidentally stepped on someone's toes over there.

The Harlequin NASCAR tie-in seems brilliant to me. There are two prmboels, though. The first is that the only name I'm associating with NASCAR is that of Harlequin itself. Authors other than the flagship author (the one who is--was?--the wife of a NASCAR driver) are not being connected very strongly and, see, I don't even remember the name of the major author--maybe it's Jennifer Bishop? The second point is that Bishop is being identified so strongly with NASCAR that I wonder how they're ever going to promote her writing about any other topic.Another excellent marketing idea is Brenda Novak's Juvenile Diabetes Foundation auction (and I don't think that just because I've offered an auction item two years in a row). It connects her to a deeper, wider and more perilous world. The best thing is that it completely reflects Brenda herself as well as the people her stories are about: passionate, caring, driven individuals who could walk a straight line through a hurricane. Great blog, BTW. You talk about some really substantive issues. Thanks.Cheers,Sally

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