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October 29, 2009


"Another victim of fake news was Sarah Palin. The perpetrator of the fake news is now out hawking his book, I Am Martin Eisenstad. Eisenstadt is the pseudonym of the guy who, after the '08 election, conned MSNBC and L.A. Times, among others, into believing he had been a McCain/Palin campaign staffer who had to expose how terrible a person that stupid Sarah Palin was. That it was all fake probably meant little to the people who would later spout lines from Tina Fey and believe they were quoting Sarah Palin."

-- Another reason why it is easy to hoax people is that they utterly refuse to do research. Just like you did in this above package.


William K. Wolfrum, the article you cited in your comment is outdated, unconvincing and a waste of time for anyone interested in the facts.

Lol "Anyone interested in facts." Sweet.

Once again, fantastic research. I'm sure you know this hoax inside and out. In fact, I remember you researching it alongside of me. That was you, right?

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