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October 04, 2009


While I certainly don't condone the behaviors that led to this, I'll give Letterman props for coming clean. I say, if ya gots the cojones to do the cheatin', have the cojones to man up to it!

This of course, is one of my biggest gripes about Clinton. Several times he was busted by the press about things which he wouldn't own up to. Had he simply spun the pot question with a downcast gaze and "Well, yes, I did smoke and inhale. It was one of the most stupid things I did as a young adult and I regret my foolish and reckless actions to this very day." there wouldn't have been anywhere for the attack dogs to go.

Likewise with his Lewinski infidelity - he wasted billions of taxpayer dollars and nearly 3 years worth of opportune time denying his deeds only to eventually 'fess up. Why didn't he just man up to begin with and avoid frittering away the majority of his 2nd term on frivolous nonsense?

So, as much as I have contempt for the misdeeds, I have even more for the lack of spine after the fact. Like I said, if you;re a big enough ol' boy to have extramarital fling, at least also be a big enough ol' boy to face the music head on if you get busted.

Letterman could have paid the blackmailer and hope to keep it a secret or come clean and put the best face on it. If his audience is still on his side then he did the right thing career wise.

Mrs. Letterman is an virtual unknown, but presumably she will take the Hillary Clinton approach to the hubby's dalliances.

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