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November 28, 2009


George, you continue to be a Sinkhole Correspondent, first-class - good coverage, great shots.

Driving around that intersection every day, twice-a-day (at least), I have great appreciation for how much it takes to get your vehicle where she landed hers. And this seems a little different from your 'average' MVA in a busy intersection, or on a open stretch of road. I'm wondering if she'll be liable for the recovery costs, or if we (the public) will have to cover those costs.

Sinkhole correspondent -- Heh heh. Well, I guess we all eventually find our places in society. Jeff, in case it was not obvious before, you've got friends in low places.

Good question about the recovery costs. I believe the hospital will bill for ambulance rides. The crane operator and tow service will probably bill the car owner, and if she has collision insurance those expenses might be covered.

I don't know whether the city bills for damage to city property which in this case would be damage to the fence and the pipe. But if so, I would think that the vehicle liability insurance would cover that.

This person needs to be fined heavily and sent to the Tiger Woods Driving School

Tiger Woods Driving School -- good one, Wallace. That school would have an interesting obstacle course: trees, hydrants, holes, etc. They should probably start out in golf carts.

Police officers speculated that alcohol may have been involved. Gee... you think???

Trish, that was a lame joke on my part. The officers did not equivocate.

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