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November 15, 2009


Why doesn't this surprise me.....the state of streets in Midland is miserable. The holes on "D" street, near my home are numerous and deep...and often covered by the water that the city keeps dumping down the street. I've suggested to the Mayor that he ought to do what some other cities have done, and let Kentucky Fried Chicken repair them. I saw in several other good sized towns that KFC would repair potholes if they could put a water soluble logo on the repair. The mayor thought I was kidding. I wasn't....it would be better than what we have now.

Wallace, what a great idea.

But instead of KFC, let citizens buy the pot hole, fill it and write their own message on it.

George, a major mess this morning, with the traffic going in and out of San Jacinto JHS, with the effects leading to backlogs in the intersection at Neely & Garfield, and elsewhere.

Jeff, there are a lot of commuters hoping for a speedy repair. Let's hope there's no rain in the forecast to slow the progress.

It's too bad Sunday was a day of rest.

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