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December 11, 2009


Good coverage, good wrap. Well done, George.

Thanks Jeff. I think everyone is glad it's all over, but in a way, I miss all the commotion.

There were about 5 city workers gathered around a new hole at that intersection about two weeks ago and they looked more than a little baffled. I haven't seen anyone since though so I assume there wasn't a major problem.

MSigler, there was a spot that didn't cure properly the first time, so they covered it with a plate and redid it a few weeks later.

Then apparently another soft spot developed. So they plated that one and repaired it a few days later. All in all, it took a long time to get the intersection completely repaired.

One thing the city engineer said was that there are other intersections around town that will eventually develop the same problem.

So anyone who didn't get enough of this detour will have new ones to look forward to.

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