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January 10, 2010


I'm sorry, George, but ... "so what?" If tue, she would hardly be the first person - man or woman, celebrity or not, red or blue - who's tried turning-back-the-clock, one way or another ... and she wouldn't be the last, either.

So I take it that you agree she did have some "work" done, Jeff.

Next question: Who paid for it?

Actually, George ... no, I don't. My point was that, if it were true, "she would hardly be the first ... and she wouldn't be the last, either."

Now, your next post, the one about sex dolls ... now THAT is something I would take seriously!

Did she or didn't she? Whatever it was, she sure looked good in that video. Maybe her husband will eventually blab.

Yes, Jeff, you are right. Cosmetic surgery is so common that there's hardly any stigma about it even though it should reflect on a person's credibility.

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