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January 31, 2010


great post.. she won my vote at the BELO debate.

I like a lot of Medina's ideas, but she should have started with a lower position this year. She also needs to drop the opposition to capital punishment, support for drug legalization, and for the love of all that is good and holy, she needs to stop pandering to the Alex Jones conspiracy theorist gang. She needs to be more of a conservative and less of a RINO. I mean, if she splinters off and leads a third party revolt against Perry, as she has said she will do, she will prove to be a total RINO.

Agree with WAR's drug legalization comment; that's just not going to play with Texas voters, and it's an unnecessary distraction. But I disagree that she needs "seasoning" before seeking this office. I'm convinced that "coming up through the ranks" instills in ALL politicians precisely the mindset that I'd like to see disappear from our elected officials. Anyway, I'm willing to give her an experimental vote just to test my theory, if nothing else.

Drug legalization? I must have dosed off during the speech and missed that. Googling it turns up people who say she said it and people who said she didn't say it. So apparently it's an issue she needs to clarify.

I'm not familiar with Alex Jones, but I'll try to catch up.

As for the seasoning, Eric I think you're right. Experience in politics usually means there's a box full of I-owe-yous in the closet.

Medina has *a lot* to clear up. I think she could be a very solid candidate, but I also think she underestimated herself and didn't anticipate that she might have a legit shot at forcing a runoff. Because of that, she has said and done some really strident things along the way. Things that prevent her from being a truly mainstream candidate. Google Alex Jones. A legit governor candidate would never associate with someone as nutty as that, as far as I am concerned.

On the Alex Jones show, Medina said she was against NAFTA. I don't trust anyone who is against free trade. That is a huge tenet of conservatism, in my mind, and it shows that she needs to be vetted MUCH more thoroughly on a variety of issues.

MHS Class of 1999- Go Bulldogs! You should research NAFTA it has nothing to do with free trade.

Perry isn't even bothering to speak to newspapers or press conferences after the debates, Kay didn't attend the press conferences either.

So what if Debra speaks to an audience that wants to hear her? People who listen to Alex Jones vote, too. So, she shouldn't be interviewed by liberal news either, because they are wacko???

We don't need elitists who think they know what's best for us and rob us blind while they have us charmed.

We need real citizen public servants who will serve the people, not the special interests. Who we can hold accountable. Even if they are a little rough on the edges. We aren't looking for royalty!

It's time for a vast improvement in Texas politics. You naysayers do all of us a grave disservice by spreading lies and innuendo about the only candidate who will truly serve us.

George, Medina mentioned the drug legalization thing, in passing, during the first debate. I thought it was an unfortunate distraction then, and I still do. She needs to kill the issue and focus on things that are more important (granted, some people think that legalization is the only way to win the "War on Drugs," and I've heard some compelling reasons to support it, but I just think it's a non-starter for this campaign).

You're right, Eric. Regardless of whether one approves or disapproves of the current state of the War on Drugs, the issue certainly isn't one on which an upstart should be campaigning.

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