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January 12, 2010


Well, obviously CES was not all tablets and 3D television.

Les, one of the articles called it the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, so I'm not sure whether that was part of CES. But, I've never attended either, so for all I know, CES had a back room for stuff like this.

I'm sure it was mere coincidence that the AVN conference was held in Las Vegas at the same time all the CES geeks were in town.

Heh heh. I think you've located some dots that needed connecting, Les.

These sex toys are amazing, soon they will be able to walk and talk even more!

well physical connection is a really important part of intimacy, Adult toy manufacturers should have stronger sustainability action plans and follow through on them, One area in the industry that seems to be lacking is general education about sex toys and health. Education about sex toy materials, toxicity, proper cleaning, proper use, etc. allows adult toy users make smart shopping decisions to truly feel good about


Sex toys are getting smarter each day!

"Good sex" is a highly individual and unique experience. How you perceive sex has a lot to do with what you've learned about it, how it's viewed by your society or culture, and what value you place on it as a part of your life.
In the context of an ongoing sexual relationship, good sex can mean knowing what you want and what your partner wants, knowing how to talk about it comfortably, and never being forced to do anything you don't want to do.

Developing that sex dolls, someday it can now even talk to human. That will be a nice one for sex toys.

Well were All modern now :)

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