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February 07, 2010


When we purchased a Toyota Highlander I learned that ALL the Toyotas shipped to a multi-state area in the US southeast, including Texas, MUST go through an importer who long ago signed an iron-clad contract giving them the sole right to import Toyotas in their territory. I do NOT know about made-in-USA Toyotas. However, I noted that almost everything on our new car differed from the Owner's Manual, including the tires, alarm system, entertainment electronics, rear-view mirror, etc. I was told that the importer received the cars stripped and put their own made-in-hoonose parts to make a few extra bucks more than they would selling Toyotas with genuine Toyota parts installed. Perhaps the automatic mirror described was made by children in China, instead of by genuine Toyota suppliers.

Well that's not very encouraging. Thanks for sharing that, Joe.

A friend of mine mentioned 2012 last night to me and it's the first I heard about it so I jumped on here out of curiosity. I think it's kind of sick and sounds like a bunch of skeptical jargon.
I choose to live every day like it is the last because let's be real, WHO THE HELL KNOWS what is going to happen or when it's your time to go on. The past is history, the future is a mystery and now is a gift, thats why it's called the present. It's not healthy to sit around and trip out about when you will die. Stop wasting your time you have now.
stop frighten
- some truth about 2012

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