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February 09, 2010


I figured he was the only one desperate...um, *inexpensive* enough to "star" in the ad. The cast is not exactly full of A-listers.

Hmmm. You may be onto something Eric. He and the others may be working for the minimum star wage.

George ... a little clarification, please. Is your problem a general one with the "legion of TV and movie stars who, having been successful at making audiences believe they are someone they aren't, now want to convince us to adopt their political beliefs" ... or is it with Mr. Begley (and his politics) in particular?

You're right ... their numbers are legion ... but their 'star power' gives them a bully pulpit for sharing their beliefs. And sometimes, that can be a good thing.

For example, you've often written on gun-related issues. Do you object to Charlton Heston stepping-up and promoting the policies, programs and politics of the NRA?

I believe Heston was a paid spokesman for the NRA and could have just as easily sold dentures or life insurance in his retirement job. But he took a job standing up for civil rights.

On the other hand, Begley is proselytizing for a religion based on questionable science. So to answer your question, Jeff, it's Begley and others like him who can't break out of the Hollywood group-think.

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