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February 15, 2010


George, a little ways into the first pragraph, I realized this was a serious post about a topic on which you feel very strongly ...

But that wasn't what I was at first expecting - and let me say the fault is entirely the reader's here. I misunderstood the abbreviation in your headline, and was prepared for some announcement that Mr. T was endorsing Mr. C, and 'pitied the fool' who'd vote otherwise.

Once I've posted this comment, I'm signing for the evening ... a good night's sleep should do me a world of good. :-)

Good point. I should have thought about that, Jeff. I've added something in the first sentence that should help clear that up.

I'm assumin thats not BA Barakus Mr T

Oops, sorry for the confusion Mr. T. It's Midland Reporter-Telegram.

I'll know better next time.

I'm sure they look very similar

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