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February 18, 2010


Way to set me off, George. I truly detest those fund raising/fake polls.

As for the propositions... in my opinion they all either miss the point or overstep the boundaries of proper government.

(And though your post raised my temperature, I am not paranoid and have no desire to go fly a plane.)

Les, the idea of non-binding resolutions on the official ballot seems like a pointless gesture, but there they are anyway.

The Tea Party movement consists of people who are fed up with the way politicians of both parties have acted. Republicans are trying to target those people, but their aim is a little off.

P.S. Speaking of political fund raising letters -- I like the ones that say on the envelope, "Final Notice!"

Sigh. If only.

The Harris County GOP does indeed have the results for the propositions, as does the Houston Chronicle. The first four passed with majorities greater than 90 percent; the sonogram provision passed 69-31.

Thanks for that, David. The Harris County GOP site wouldn't load for me. Maybe it's too busy over there this morning. I'll try later.

Why is it that only Republicans get to vote on the propositions? It seems unfair that not ALL Texans get to have their voices heard. Do the results mean those propositions are law? Im new to Texas and am totaly confused on their way of voting. It doesn't seem fair that if I vote for one Democrate or Republican that I have to vote for All Democrats or Republicans? Why can't I vote for the person of my choice no matter what party they are with?

Based on the results, I suppose "the Texas voters in the Republican primary are as enthusiastic about social issues as the party leaders are."

Hello Yvette. Welcome to Texas.

The primary election yesterday was for the purpose of letting voters select which candidates will stand for election in the general election in November for each party.

The way the system is set up, a voter has to decide which party primary to vote in -- Democrat or Republican. He/she can't vote in both. However, at the election in November a voter can vote for candidates in either party.

The Texas Republican party put the propositions on the Republican ballot, and they wouldn't show up on the Democrat ballot unless the Texas Democratic Party agreed to it. Apparently, they didn't.

Brett, I believe you are right.

Great. People are more interested in beating down the wall between Church and State than controlling spending.

Good to know where my neighbors priorities are.

Right, Jane. The Republican Party is on a roll right now. But I believe they could do a better job of keeping moderates and attracting independents if they could stay out of the religious and social issues. That, however, seems to be a minority view.

I am a long time Republican who is turning away from the party because their main focus seems to be on social or moral issues. In my opinion, each to his own when it comes to abortion, gay issues, etc. There will always be gay people and abortion's been legal for about 40 years. Get over it already. I label myself independent these days and wish the Republicans would get back to the middle ground and moderate views and quit catering to the religious right. Our elected officials shouldn't use personal or certain church teachings to set law. Get back to important issues, like the economy, bringing our soldiers home, unemployment, taxes, wasteful spending, terrorists, protecting the borders, etc. I couldn't care less if Jane gets an abortion or Bill is gay. How petty and futile to waste time attempting to legislate these personal situations!

Thanks, Cheryl. If Republicans could relax a little bit on the social issues I believe they could more easily attract that large segment of fiscally conservative voters who disagree on the social conservatism.

A person doesn't have to go to church to be a good person.

What props are on the November 2, 2010, ballot for Midland County?

Joyce, the five propositions above were on the Republican Primary ballot in Texas.

In Midland County there are three propositions on the November ballot, all dealing with a new water district.

Here's a link to a sample generic ballot:

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