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February 11, 2010


“Our lines have been jammed for weeks.” means the phones were broken? From the statement by itself, I'd think the phones were constantly busy with callers. The statement out of context doesn't really give much indication of the conversation though, does it?

And posing as telephone repairmen to gain access to the telephone equipment closet? What would they do if they got access? Seems the only thing they could do would be to try to disable it. It's not likely they would have gained any insight about its operability the past weeks.

Is it really that profitable for so-called investigative reporters to pull these stupid stunts?

With the information I have, I'd tend to side with those filing charges.

"a law on the books saying it's illegal to lie to a politician" Now that's funny.

I guess we'll have to wait for a trial, Les. I still don't know what they were charged with unless it's something they were thinking about doing. Is "conspiracy to wiretap" a crime?

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