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March 24, 2010


As a parent of five adult children, I discovered that many times the burden of prevention, routine, or emergency health care often fell to either the family or the state. If the state bore the burden, the taxpayers - you and I - paid it. Under the new bill, it's simply a matter of keeping up affordable premiums until age 26. Many professions, such as medicine or law, will require a longer time in school. I don't see it as comedy. And it certainly is not a mandate. From my point of view, it relieves aging parents and taxpayers of a heavy burden of financial responsibility.

Self reliance and responsibility seem to come at a much later age than it used to, Papoose. And yet young adults cast deciding votes.

I don't think taking responsibilities (voting) away from young people is the way to make them more responsible.

You may be right, Dave. I really don't know how to make young people more responsible. Any suggestions?

I agree, Dave. As for how to make them more responsible, I don't know. It's different for different people. However, I don't believe that being in school and/or living with parents at age 26 is an indicator of a lack of a sense of responsibility. IMHO

Furthermore, a sense of responsibility is not what determines when an American citizen can vote. It is when he/she reaches lawful majority.

My opinion is that I think it is the right thing to include in the bill.

"...a sense of responsibility is not what determines when an American citizen can vote..." So, you would rather have someone who doesn't accept responsibility for themselves determine who governs? When I was 26, I had gotten myself through school and was on my own with a "real" job and my first IRA. I knew it was up to me to take care of myself.

Three cheers, Vidalia. Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways to foster irresponsibility. Here are few:

1. Teach that it's OK to borrow beyond one's ability to repay.

2. Generate a sense that whatever they do, you will always be there to bail them out.

3. Emphasize that if there is something they want, it's the government's responsibility to provide it. Sadly, too many people already accept this philosophy.

Can we also cut people off from voting as soon as Medicare kicks in? I think that would balance nicely.

So cut out the old and the young? To be fair, voting rights should correlate to the taxes the citizen pays.

What a stupid suggestion...
Sad really.

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