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March 25, 2010


I think testing existing DNA from the crime scene should be done and a law should exist for it. The results and the evidence should be used to determine innocence. The fact that the result is accurate takes it out of the category with lie detector tests which may or may not be accurate. The only exception with DNA would be if the person happened to be a chimera, which would require(I think) that the same kind of sample be tested: blood/blood; semen/semen; sputum/sputum, etc.

It's kind of tough to get a semen sample from a defendant that doesn't want to give one, don't you think?

I'm not sure what the rate of chimeras is, but I don't know that it is enough to create a blanket law for it.

very informational... educative as well, i read and felt like reading over and over again....good job!

James, Well...I really think it could be done. Think. I certainly don't know the rate that a chimera is produced. However, the only real accuracy would be to consider each one a chimera and compare the same type sample from the suspect as found at the scene.

You're probably right, though, that a state wouldn't create a blanket law for it. That being said, I still believe DNA comparison should be made and a law passed requiring it. At least the probability of executing(if you must)an innocent man would be lower than no comparison.

he is guilty of COLD BLOODED MURDER, he killed 2 mentally challenged young men and their mom. look at the evidence...........

i write this in memory of those boys grandmother Beverly, she did not live long enough to see this through

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