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April 30, 2010


Aren't you glad we didn't elect his wife District Clerk.

Dom, short coattails?

About 5 years ago, my wife and I saw Mr. Harris' diplomas. We noticed that the dates for his masters from LaSalle and his doctorate are the same! We found that a bit curious.

Yes, C.R., that is curious. That last semester must have been a doozy.

For the record, the comment "I won't disparage that university by calling it a diploma mill, but I'll just let you draw your own conclusion from the wikipedia entry at the link" is a bit, well...disparaging.

As a graduate of LaSalle Extension University, I can assure you that they were not a degree mill, and were fully accredited by the DETC...an accrediting agency recognized by the US Dept of Education.

I have also attended other, fully accredited universities, and LaSalle's level of educational instruction was just as solid.

That being said, this "gentleman" could not have earned his masters degree at LSEU, as they only offered degrees at the bachelor's level.

David Lewis, if you got a good education from there then that's great. And if it helped you in your career then that's even better.

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