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April 07, 2010


Great write up indeed! You touched on points that most of us don’t even consider. It’s really an amazing time in their lives, but they must be prepared as you mentioned. Keep up the fantastic blog, and God bless.

Good information related tot the article topic in detail,so add some pictures for consideration.Thanks for this blogs.

Why is anyone spesirud by this?Seriously.Petco and Petsmart have been torturing animals for years and they're still in business.Walmart is STILL selling fish despite all opposition.Why do you think your stories will make any difference?It won't.People like cheap, and don't care about the negatives. Until, of course, it happens to them.Well, good luck anyway.P.S.What about the positive stories?I'm sure for every negative story you can find, you'll find someone who just loves them.My aunt swears by Banfield and recommends them to everyone she knows!!! Was this answer helpful?

I once had a dog that can ride a speedboat. And one dog gave msaasges to the other pets. Once all the pets got in a single file line and got a massage, then went to the back of the line. No joke!

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