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May 03, 2010


They just need a huge wad of mighty putty ... lol

Ha ha! Right, J.P.

I was thinking along the lines of a giant condom.

Three ideas to stop or funnel the Gulf oil to a tanker.

The umbrella pipe plug for stopping oil leak

The need for innovative ideas to solve the oil leak in the Gulf is of primary importance now and for future possible blowouts. One possibility would be an umbrella configuration to be inserted into the leaking pipe. It would be opened after being inserted a good distance down the pipe to insure solid backing from the sea floor surrounding the pipe. That would lessen the possibility the pipe would rupture from the internal pressure.

The plug would be attached to a pipe that would funnel the oil to the surface and loaded onto a tanker.
R8dmarshall 12 /05/ 2010

Idea two
A sleeve pipe to slide over the out flow pipe spewing the oil. A pipe with a finger trap type gripper to hold the pipe in place while the return pipe funnels the oil to the surface tanker for collection.

Idea three.
A blow up bag similar to those used in emergency lifting of heavy weights, to be inserted into the outflow pipe and inflated to stop the oil flow.
Sincerely David H. Marshall/r8dmarshall

I drew a illasration of another way to stop leaK! But i need a diagram of acactly what the plumbing looks like below leak?

Idea #3 is simalar to mine, hydrolic pressure would be necassry with stop pins above vent plate to secure bag. Then slowly expand bag and stop flow for repairs or total shut down.

Surface containment would help if a very wide floating bottomless drum like barier that the oil can be pumped by many barges for as long as it takes to do pipe repairs. Oil floats, use its chemistry against itself.

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Use flexible/braided metal tube with compression couples on each end to provide a permanent fix. A significant advantage of this repair is it will allow you to not only fix a small pinhole leak, but it can be used to fix a longer split pipe.

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