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September 30, 2010


Marxist terrorist?You can do beettr than that..What does Marxism have to do with terrorism? Marxism is the exact opposite of terrorism. Marxism values life and people, terrorists do not. Terrorists value a tight rigid agenda, where anyone who is on the opposite side, life is meaningless. What does Ayers dedication to Kennedy's killer have to do with Obama? NOTHING. If it has a connection to Obama, it has a connection to McCain, who's top doner worked with Ayersget a gripget a lifeIf this is all you have, Dems will be in power for the next 3 centuriesyou are scraping rock bottom..Ayers was an Anti-War activist 40 years ago..... and believed that his violent actions were the only thing that would end the Vietnam war, as opposed to protests and holding hands. Ayers was quite out of wack, violence is not a solution... You can define what he did 40 years ago as "domestic terrorism".. but what the f*ck does that have to do with Marxism??Marxist terrorist? Get a life man. Marxism is a moralist philosophy "to each according to his/her abilities, to each according to his/her needs"Marx's most famous quote. What does that have to do with terrorism? Sounds like tolerance and acceptance of all people. Get a grip, you are losing it. Ayers has no real ties to Obama either, he has the same causal ties with Obama as he had with McCain. MCain's top done worked with Ayers. If guilt by association was good enough of Obama, it is good enough for McCainand I'm the most critical person on the left of Obama. I actually support a modified version of Marxism, socialism. Obama is so far away from socialism , it is simply embarrassing for anyone to call him a Marxist. A Marxist working with free Market Rubinites?give me a breakthis is why the right is ignored by the intellectuals and by common folk as well. You are clueless, seriously clueless.desperation, insanity, you never learn. Your rhetoric is the exact reason why Obama romped. It's not Obama, its wing nuts like you, reciting garbage

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