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October 14, 2010


A quick Google search directed me to an interesting discussion on "non-rattling rattlesnakes" at venomousreptiles.org

The email you quoted seems to show up several times at other sites, but there's no reference to it in the 7 pages of that particular discussion thread.

Obviously I don't have much to do. Just sitting here waiting for the Rangers to play baseball tomorrow night.

I'm glad you are putting your time to good use, Les.

Thanks for doing the research on this.

This is an Urban Legend. Not true.

Thanks for that, Michael.

Not too surprising, though, since the snakes at the various local rattlesnake roundups certainly do shake those tails.

as a pumper in the oil industry, just today i have had the chance to encounter three rattlesnakes, two at pumping units and one in the road. with each encounter, not a single rattler had given a warning or rattled! this is not an urban legend in the permian basin, so stay alert, keep your eyes open and keep your head on a swivel.

Holy cow!

Thanks for sharing that PJ.

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