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December 27, 2010


Hi George,
Actually I am surprised that the TDPS listed one of their Most Wanted Males as American Indian. As a former prosecutor, I learned that in the intake department of the da's office I worked in, a person's race was listed in the information as either: 1. If the perp was white, hispanic, or asian, their race would all would be listed as white or 2. their race would be listed as black. I had to write up many cases where a person was obviously of hispanic or asian race but we had to list their race was white instead. Therefore, I don't see the TDPS doing anything different from what the criminal justice system does here in Texas (with the exception of the American Indian designation of the one criminal). In my county, that one person would ave be listed as white too. Just thought you'd like to know what I found about working within the "system".

Very interesting, Karen. Thanks for the inside info.

But you know, when it comes to ethnic cleansing, our technique is so much less tumultuous than what we've seen elsewhere.

Another thing that we did in the da's office when we wrote up informations in the intake division....for example, when a ring is stolen (and it was a gold ring with a diamond in it), we had to write the stolen ring up as a gold toned or gold colored metal with a clear stone. We could never say it was gold or silver or a diamond ring even though it was actually a diamond ring. Of course, I understand just because someone said the stolen ring was a gold diamond ring did not actually make it one.Furthermore,just fyi, say if someone commits theft of an item from a department store, we had to list the loss as what the department store paid for the item (say a shirt) not what it was listed for sell in the store. One local store here doubled what they paid for a name brand shirt (one type of shirt cost the store $50 dollars and sold it for $100). The store manager from that particular store called me up about the theft case I filed because he didn't understand their loss was ONLY what they paid for the shirts not what they sell them for. (The thief stole a lot of these particular shirts and it would have been a felony if we could have filed the theft amount on what they could have sold them for not what they actually paid for the shirts.)Anyways, that is how we filed cases on theft just fyi.

Thanks Karen. Once again you've provided some very interesting information.

Just speculating, maybe the insurance companies have had some influence over the years on how those things get written up.

Also no jurisdiction wants to report a high crime rate, and keeping the loss value down may help a municipality look good on the FBI stats.

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