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January 19, 2011


I can't help thinking how unlikely (if not outright impossible) this sort of thing would be if the average citizen only had access to rifles rather than handguns.

The article doesn't specify, but it's a reasonable bet that this kid got the gun from his negligent parents. We no longer have to fear being shot by criminals - you have much more to worry about with your law abiding neighbors.

Again, we (the public) routinely, repeatedly demonstrate that we absolutely cannot be trusted with the responsibility of handgun owenership. They should be reserved for law enforcement and military personnel only.

Rob, California has tough gun laws, and the schools are gun-free zones. So this incident is a good example of the obvious. Gun control laws don't deter someone intent on carrying a gun.

Incidents like these are rare, and that's why they are in the news. To propose a drastic and unconstitutional restriction on the basis of an isolated incident seems like a misdirected concern.

By the way, the country of Mexico has tough gun control laws, and we see how that's worked for them.

There is no way you could enforce a law restricting handguns to law enforcement and military personnel. That's a Utopian world that only exists in the imagination.

I would think that a Glock would be one of the "safest" semi-autos to carry in a backpack. Unless something inside the backpack activates the trigger flange safety and has the force to depress the trigger, a Glock would not discharge. Something with an external hammer, like a Beretta, would be much more apt to discharge accidentally, as a blow to the hammer could set off the chambered round.

Matthew, the kid at the high school must have had the safety in the "off" position on his Beretta. When the safety is "on," the firing pin is turned away from the bullet, at least on the 92fs. When the safety is "off," the firing pin is lined up to strike the primer. Whether a hard blow to the hammer with the safety "off" and the hammer resting against the pin would discharge it is something I don't know, but it does seem possible.

With no manual safety, the only safe way to carry a Glock would be in a holster that covers the trigger.

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