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May 06, 2011


Great article, senor! I think I'll throw it on FB for you - more people need to know this!

Thanks Janie. You da woman!

If Democrats want to increase government revenue by cutting subsidies, cut farm subsidies.

And in a drought with fertilizer cost and diesel prices, maybe we can all become nudest and stop eating too.

George, I linked to this post in my own rant about widespread economic ignorance regarding the oil and gas industry:


Oh boy, you nailed it Eric! What a great post!

I'm really astonished at how politicians continue to make oil companies into villains. It's nothing new, but it's amazing how some people seem to buy into it.

P.S. I would leave a comment at your post but I haven't yet got up the courage to go through the sign-in process.

The cable company, the phone company, and the oil companies are all evil. Facts are just not necessary.

Oh yeah, and management is not very nice either.

Les, wanna see evil? Let the government pull a Hugo Chavez and take them over.

Ken Green, it took me a while to figure out your point. I think you are saying that without farm subsidies there would be no food or clothes. A more precise statement might be that farmers who get subsidies have become dependent on them.

And yet somehow humans survived all those millennia before farm subsidies were introduced.

Tell us more about the LIFO

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

Subsidies, tax breaks...in the scheme of things, it's the same thing.

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