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May 02, 2011


Not too sure about the giddy celebration over this. Should he have been eliminated? You bet. Am I relieved that Osama is gone. Sure. But deliriously, dancing in the streets, happy? Isn't that kinda morbid?

But on a related tangent, shall we now exhibit the same wild-eyed zeal for exacting similar swift, finite justice upon scumbag murderers who lounge in relative comfort in prisons - or worse yet, walking free on American streets, thanks to legal loopholes?

Okay, maybe that's not exactly comparing apples to apples, but still... As long as we're in "taking out the trash" mode, let's keep the ball rolling!

Yeah, it was a kinda morbid, but if those celebrations help put some fear in our enemies then party on.

As to the related tangent, ordinary Americans need the protections the bill of rights gives them to protect them from just that sort of thing. Even then, some innocent people end up getting convicted.

Can you provide some examples of a murderers who got off on legal loopholes? O.J. Simpson could qualify, I suppose, if a sympathetic jury is a loophole.

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