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July 13, 2011


Looks like you or someone else got "The Friendly Atheist" interested, George.


There is a group of Atheists in Midland, and we are Not happy about this at all. Our group is passing this info along, I had no idea the City was paying for it. (X_X)
Thanks for the Info!!

Ick. I'm a Midland atheist and PISSED.

Thanx for info,I contacted the ACLU on this matter.


A Foat Wuth freethinker follows you, and I follow Friendly Atheist as well.

Howdy! I ended up here from www.reddit.com/r/texas . I'm not much of a blog person, but an athiest from Midland who's a fan of the Austrian school of economics might just change my mind on that.

I will say I had mixed feelings on this until I saw they took $10k out of MCT's budget!

Tickets are $20 a person over 5, $25 at the gate (kids under 5 enter free). For simplicity's sake, let's assume that everyone buys the tickets online at the $20 price. Attendance of 2,500 would bring in $50k, right? Now you may be saying, "thedude37, it's not that simple! A lot of that money is going to the event planners, acts, etc." which is true. Well, check this out:

"The first RTD drew over 4,000 to the parking lot at Holy Trinity. In 2001, the event was moved to Beal Park by the RTD Planning Committee as an interdenominational event. The concert was headlined by Newsboys and expanded to include bands as well as skateboarding, extreme games a campout and the addition of a Jumbotron screen. The attendance grew to over 32,000.

"In 2003, the event drew over 100,000 which touted a seperate skateboard park and concert venue. The concert was headlined by Chris Tomlin, and Toby Mac. The worship service on Sunday morning continued to grow and provide a unique setting for Sunday morning worship with music provided by Watermark." (source - http://www.rockthedesert.com/generic/encampment.php)

Let's just say that an even 90k attend. That's $1,800,000... just from the ticket sales. This isn't even factoring in the positive effect on the city's economy by having an extra 90,000 warm bodies will provide. Something like this could be huge for this community...

... but the author of this article (and the "pissed off" commenters) is so STUCK UP HIS OWN ASS that he can't see how his city will benefit.

@ Tubby

I have a genuine question. If the event is so lucrative, why does it need 50k worth of tax payer money?

who says it needs the money?

The town should not be involved in a religious festival whether it makes or loses money.

So aqua, are you saying that economic prosperity is less important than offending the few non-Christians in the community?

I sent some info to the FFRF and they sent an open records request to the mayor. The Friendly Atheist updated their post and attached a pdf of the records request.


I see others took action, too. Didn't mean to step on toes.


Thanks, Andy. Hopefully they or someone else will post the results of that open records request online.

They're giving away $50,000 to a Christian rock concert, when that money could pay for the annual wages of at least two teachers in that town, or it could go towards building roads, or maybe helping the sick and homeless. But no, they would rather give it to some fundies so that they can preach about god and Jesus all night.


100,000 attended in 2003? Where did you get those numbers? And in your entire rant you never discussed the heart of the article, Midland spending tax dollars to support a concert (of any kind).

@Tubby. I forgot to mention that your link doesn't work.

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