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September 05, 2011


I'm not sure they're doing anybody any favors by prettying up the name.

Instead, maybe the ad campaign ought to feature a drunk driver getting some very unwanted, very uncomfortable, personal attention from some overly-chummy, hairy dudes in the local jail.

Yeah, maybe that's not a necessarily-accurate portrayal of a night's stay in the local pokey (dunno, never been there) but maybe it would paint an indelible picture for party animals.

Rob O, the sheriff held an open house at the new jail in Midland a couple of weeks ago before any prisoners were transferred in.

Aside from that, there aren't many opportunities for citizens to see the inside of a jail and be able to leave at will.

As for a "scared straight" type TV ad, that's a bit dicey. An ad like that might alienate too many people as it's really only a very small percentage of the population that drives while impaired. But who knows? Maybe one is on the drawing board for the next ad campaign.

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