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September 08, 2011


If someone asked about the need for a woman to have the right to have an abortion and people applauded, would there have been such a response?

Good point, Stewart. Liberals try to float that leaky boat every time the issues of death penalty or abortion come up. The narrative is that only a hypocrite could favor the death penalty and oppose abortions. Never mind that the candidates for those two procedures land at very different places on the guilt/innocence scale.

The jobs had nothing to do with any bauilot funds. Perry has been very aggressive (and successful) in enticing businesses to relocate to Texas a no state income tax state. Texas is very rich in natural resources so there are many jobs in that industry. Texas wasn't hit as hard by the housing bubble and consequently the subprime housing bust as many states so it never lost as many jobs. Was this answer helpful?

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