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October 02, 2011


Xavier:My wife and I took our (required by the state) concealed carry trinaing from an excellent instructor. He led us through the four "easily popped balloons" that make up the necessary criteria for a successful "self-defense" plea here in Minnesota.Number one on the list was that a person HAD to be, at ALL times during a confrontation, a "reluctant participant". Somebody's hassling you? Walk away. Deliquents giving you or your loved ones verbal assaults? Disengage, and walk away. Somebody wants to get into a shoving match? Yield your ground, and run away if you have to.Because carrying a firearm almost automatically makes you the aggressor in the eyes of a prosecuting attorney. It's a tool to be used only in the last-ditch desperation when your life, or the life of someone near you, is at stake.He emphasized that the decision to carry implies that you are going to be the meekest, mildest human being on the planet, and that avoiding confrontation is a crucial element to this, just as important as situational awareness (since that awareness will help you stay OUT of confrontational incidents).It's good to see more and more people pointing this out.

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