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November 22, 2011


I disagree with you Fish. People NEED to wake up to the reiatly that a FREE MARKET means NO BLACK MARKET! Libertarians have it right! Mainstream Status Quo Bi-Partisan Liberals/Neo-Conservatives have it wrong!Support GOP's Selecting of Ron Paul ONLY! Give them nothing and vote ANYTHING but OBAMA OR GOP'S ALTERNATIVE CHOICE. Write in Ron Paul if need be.. They must TAKE LEGALIZATION SERIOUSLY! I wish Radical Russ/NORML would come out in support of RON PAUL. I know legalization activists tend to be liberal, but what people are willing to do is COMPROMISE on MAINSTREAM ESTABLISHMENT PHILOSOPHIES! The reiatly must kick in that RON PAUL BACKS OUR MESSAGE ALL THE WAY, and for those who are serious about legalization INCLUDING NORML AND RUSS, I ask you to put aside all other preordained political notions, biases etcetera, and vocalize ALL OUT SUPPORT for Ron Paul for President in 2012. Honestly, are you unable or unwilling to see that he is the best ally NORML and ALL legalization movements have right now!? Can you imagine if we had a strong supporter of legalization sitting upon THE INSTANT HOTSEAT SEAT OF WORLD POWER AND INFLUENCE? It would be a dream come true for us, no? He has a STELLAR voting record NO ONE is denying his INTEGRITY.. although they call him naive WELL ARE WE NAIVE? Obama clearly tends to thinks so.. or else why does he disregard our CALL? Either he really is a reformed Stoner, OR, h simply has NO BACK BONE and NO INTEGRITY. In my opinion, legalization is wise, and WORTH OPENLY TAKING A COURAGEOUS STAND FOR!Stand with us brothers.RP 2012

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