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February 16, 2012


George, I don't have the experience with oil pipelines that others in the region have ... but I have to give President Obama a 'pass' on this one ... at least for now. Once the small matter of no ROW in Nebraska gets cleared up, I hope the President will re-visit ... and reconsider.

Good point, Jeff. Obtaining (or taking) rights of way for a long pipeline would be no small matter.

Is it possible that as to this pipeline liberals and conservatives have traded places on the issue of property rights?

George, I don't think so. It's true, environmentalists do want to protect the Oglalla Aquifer by re-routing the pipeline ... but the same could be said for just about everyone in that region who don't want to see a threat to a water supply.

In fact, the governor of Nebraska has called a special session of the legislature to address the issue ... we might have heard him, earlier this year, if it weren't for all the raucous rhetoric, all the sturm und drang, out of Washington.

Ironically, all of this may not have come up if Congress hadn't insted on a hurried and intractable deadline that did not permit adequate time to assemble and present data in public hearing.

I'm guessing more than a few Permian Basin oil-and-gas professionals are glad they've been given an extended deadline to assemble and present data regarding the Sand Dune Lizard.

Jeff, EVERYTHING that has come out of Washington lately and that will come out of Washington between now and the November election will be for the purpose of influencing the election. And now, as you noted, Democrats are claiming that Obama made the decision because he was rushed into it by Republicans. Those "Truth Teams" are busy beavers.

It's much easier to stop something than it is to produce something. And whether you want to talk about the pipeline or the lizard, the Obama administration is on the side of stopping production.

And by the way, even if Obama had given the go-ahead on the pipeline, that would not override local, state or federal laws, rules and regulations. And to think that a program that would risk the water supply would ever go forward requires a very high level of cynicism.

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