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February 10, 2012


George, an interesting aspect of this case is a clue one of the television stations received in a comment on it's social media page ... a name, that led to a search of the suspect's own page (with photos), and so on.

Not much of a stretch to imagine we'll be sseing more of this in the years ahead.

Thanks, Jeff. I had not heard that, but it certainly makes sense. I believe law enforcement is making good use of Facebook. There have even been cases in other cites where robbers bragged of their misdeeds on their Facebook pages. Apparently they didn't realize just how public they are.

The suspect's name also was mentioned twice on the Reporter-Telegram's Facebook page not long after the photo and original story were posted.


Stewart, even better, the MRT posted a PDF of the Criminal Complaint. That's a real service you provide to your readers.

I wonder whether it was the FBI or MPD officers who tracked down the taxi driver who took Mr. Willman to Odessa. In either case, there must have been some time consuming yet beneficial police work involved.

As for the MRT facebook page, I'll have to take your word for it. I tried to find the photo you mentioned and kept getting a popup saying I had to log-in to continue.

Stewart, apologies for the miss, and a hat-tip to the MRT's Facebook page. At the time of my first comment, I only had the televisison station's brodcast to go on (re: the social media contacts). Later, when I posted somethi9ng on this to my own blog, links were provided to reports from the MRT and KWES-TV.

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