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April 25, 2012


I have no source to cite, but I have read several times that the preferred cartridge for Mob executions is (was?) the .22LR (presumably a solid point, not the common hollow point).

It seems that the noise was minimal, the bullet penetrated the skull easily, "rattled around" inside, doing terrible damage, but would not penetrate the skull a second time to exit.

This week I overheard firemen en route to a Midland structure fire warned that the burning shop had dangerous contents, including ammunition. A savy supervisor requested Dispatch to call the owner back and ask if any LOADED GUNS were inside--indicating full awareness that ammunition in a fire explodes, and can propel the case, but cannot "fire" the bullet with enough force to damage much more than the original cardboard box.

Physics: the light brass case and the heavy lead bullet recive equal force from the explosion, but the bullet only moves a fraction of the distance and speed of the case--which is too light and not shaped correctly to be lethal.

A "cooked off" cartridge in a gun, however, can exit the muzzle exactly as a conventionally-fired round, with the same force and lethality.

Hmm. Maybe that weightlifter was the target of a mob hit man who was a bad shot.

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