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December 09, 2012


US Cellular ads are the worst on TV. During the Christmas season, Ihad to make sure I had my remote instantly accessible because not only did the cheerful, confrontational, out-of-tune carolers make my teeth itch, but those commercials were on incessantly. All I can figure is that they hired relatives to make really bad ads for peanuts, so they were able to air them 3 times more than any other company ever runs an ad. So now the carolers are (almost) gone, but the US Cellulars regular, year-round commercials are almost as annoying. I wish there was a limit to how much TV ad time one company could inflict upon the TV viewing audience, because, at least then, we wouldn't all be at the mercy of US Cellular's horrible, annoying, incessant ads.

Sherry, the mute button has to be the best TV accessory ever invented!

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