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June 20, 2013


Thank you so much for this tip!

I had the same issue with the "Yahoo Partner's Application". It sent out my contact list information from three Yahoo email accounts. Yahoo did eventually noticed and stopped the emails from going out - but the 'evil doer' continued to access my accounts, and kept trying, even after I followed all Yahoo's online suggestions (change password, change questions answers, etc.)
I did your suggested fix. I hope it works!
What pisses me off is I called Yahoo - it took a solid day for them to answer their number due to 'high call volume'- and they simply said 'you've been hacked , we can't help you.'
And interestingly: Search Yahoo for "Yahoo Partner's Application" and nothing comes up; search Google and you get plenty of people with plenty of problems.
Seems they are actively suppressing the this problems existence. Yahoo and me ARE DONE 9as soon as I can change things)!

Ken, it worked for me. I haven't had any problems since I removed the Yahoo Partner Application.

It's really disappointing that Yahoo doesn't try a little harder to help its email users. And they're probably feeding all of our emails to the NSA!

If you find a better email service please let us know.

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