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April 27, 2014


I'd prefer we do the obvious, morally correct, pragmatic, and cheapest thing...

Fully legalize all drugs. ALL of them.

Have intractable pain? Find out what works for you.

Have a drug problem? Be open and honest about it and get it fixed.

Because who owns your body? If the answer is "you"--then who else has the right to tell you what you can or can't put into it?

No more SWAT raids. No more "asset forfeiture". No more 4th Amendment-destroying "War on (some) Drugs"

Well said, Libertatis.

I wouldn't go that far as to ALL drugs, though. A serious addiction can take over a person's personality, drive and life itself. You can say that it's their own life to live, and it's none of our business. There's a validity to that argument, but I'm not there yet since an addict's actions often affect family and other innocents as well.

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