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May 29, 2014


Not only do I agree with you that Mexican pot growers going under is a good thing, but even more, I'm excited by the flip side - that American farmers who've had to rely upon subsidies and massive debt might finally be able to grow a crop that they can thrive on.

Now, let's legalize marijuana, tax the ever-loving snot outta it (and earmark -every- penny for education, to include ramped-up anti-drug programs) and wrap it's use in laws - just like alcohol.

(While we're revamping substance-use laws, we need to make them radically more stringent with stronger regulations and severe penalties. Drunk drivers need to burn hard the FIRST time, not after the third time when they'll killed somebody!)

A citizen telling the government how to spend tax revenue -- not a novelty.

The government actually doing what the citizen wants -- what a concept!

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