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August 28, 2016


It's a bit more than a convenience. Pen-based drugs are a means of accurately delivering a specific amount of medication quickly. The consistency of dose combined with the reduced muss and fuss is why pen-based insulin is so popular - even in hospital settings.

Mylan deserves all of the woes that it gets over this nasty, opportunistic 400% price hike. Nobody contends that drug manufacturers shouldn't recoup their R&D costs and make a profit, but there's absolutely a limit.

The Epinephrine autoinjector was invented in the mid-70s and had, until the EpiPen was acquired by Mylan as a part of their purchase of Germany’s Merck KGaA, been selling for about $7 each.

(The device delivers about $1 worth of drug.)

Mylan was selling EpiPens profitably for under $60 per pen less than a decade ago, but when the sole competing product was recalled in 2015, that opened an opportunity for the company to severely gouge the price since EpiPen consumers have no comparable option.

Mylan's executives deserve to be burned at the stake right aside Martin Shkreli.

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