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December 26, 2018


If we have the intent and guts to defend our border with swift and unmistakable force, then really nothing more than a long line of orange construction spray paint is necessary. We already possess technology to accurately monitor that demarcation and dispatch punitive measures.

Ok, ok, that may be a bit too minimal... So then, really all we need is a simple 6' chain link fence - and the fortitude to address breaches fiercely. After all, that - and posted warning signs - are sufficient for keeping Air Force flight lines secure:


A wall that we aren't prepared to defend - and deal with the humanitarian backlash of doing so - is pointless. Anything more substantive than a simple, economical fence is an absurdly overblown boondoggle that clearly signals that we don't have the guts to address border trespasses.

There's only two ways an electronic barrier would work. First if it triggered some kind of device or substance to stop people. Second if it alerted actual humans to deploy and use force.

By the way Rob, you notice that the last line of your sign reads, "Use of Deadly Force Authorized"? That's because a bunch of armed security backs up that signage.

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