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October 28, 2019


Love it!

What a stupid way to start a commercial.

I’m 46 and have the same perplexing question about his intro. It’s so bizarre. I’m like “what does a rodeo have to do with mortgages?”. I’m glad I’m not the only person who’s asked this question. I can’t stop thinking about it because a) that commercial probably cost a lot of money, b) they play it constantly, c) why has Tom Selleck sunk this low, c) it really sounds like he’s talking down to his audience. Whatever the case, someone who has been in a rodeo before (figuratively or literally) wouldn’t sway me in the slightest when it comes to taking out a reverse mortgage. I asked my elderly parents what they think and they said they have no clue.

Are those posters above that dumb - or not? It's just another adage such as, "more than one way to skin a cat" which has nothing to do with cats!

Selleck is trying to sell home loans, and there's nothing wrong with an actor choosing that as his retirement job.

But for a metaphor to work, there should be at least some connection to the situation. The rodeo metaphor just doesn't fit.

The cat skinning metaphor actually might be a better fit. But good luck with the animal lovers.

Selleck had me confused. Had he ever been to a rodeo?

He has sunk to a new low.

Giddy up Tom

I have never been a selleck fan, but this sickens me. He talks like he knows what is best for people who don't have his wealth. I lose respect for any celebrity peddling crap to the most vulnerable of our people. This goes double for joe mcmath, hocking medicare supplements to seniors. Don't get me started on alex trebeck.

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